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Our Founder

George King

Co-Founder & Chairman of Infrastructure Group, Inc.

George began his career with the Wall Street law firm Mudge Rose Guthrie Alexander and Ferdon, then as Vice President in the New York office of global investment bank Credit Suisse First Boston. He co-founded a regulated broker dealer spin-off from CSFB and founded a corporate and project finance advisor.

His capital markets experience includes 325+ capital closings of $20+ billion and advisory closings of $8+ billion. Following the 1996 US telecom deregulation, Mr. King was a founding board member and then co-founder of two publicly traded telecom companies in 1997 and 2002.

He served as vice chair, president & chief financial officer roles from co-founder to IPO to eventual sale after attaining $144M and $65M in annual recurring revenue. Mr. King is a founding board member in 2013 of a 5G & wireless telecom. George's corporate and university board positions in the US, UK and Canada include Audit Committees in four countries.

George A King, Chairman

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